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The authors would like to thank the many persons representing the various agencies that made this study possible. We also would like to acknowledge the contributions made by several persons who made significant contributions to the overall project.

  • The California Department of Corrections. Personnel from the Director’s office, the Wardens and the correctional officers at each institution went beyond what could be expected to assist and support this study in both phases(1977-78 and 1991-92). Their attitude, cooperation and efficiency were always of the highest levels of professionalism. Working with them was a pleasure in every case.

  • The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF). As one of the more progressive departments in America, CDF funded the earlier phase of this study and provided personnel to interview arsonists in two states. Their emphasis on fire prevention and arson investigation covers all types of arson targets, going beyond just wildland, to include structure and vehicle arsons.

  • The California Department of Mental Health. Personnel from Atascadero State Hospital were extremely helpful to the researchers in both phases of the study. Informed consent was obtained from willing patients at this facility. Everyone contacted there was of great assistance to this study.

  • The California Department of Youth Authority (CYA). CYA administrators and staff, particularly the members of the Research Division, cooperated fully in both phases of the study and were generous in sharing related research materials. Their assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

  • The New York Department of Corrections. Administrators, Wardens and correctional officers at the Department also went beyond the normal expectations of courtesy and cooperation in both phases of the research. High quality, dedicated personnel in the Department contributed significantly to our study and we are most grateful for their assistance.

  • Although the number of inmates interviewed in other states was small, the various departments of corrections were no less cooperative and helpful. We appreciate the professionalism, courtesy, and assistance of Administrators, wardens, and correctional staff from the Departments of Corrections in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

  • Acknowledgments would not be complete without recognizing the efforts and fine work of Patricia G. Ashby of the FBI Academy’s Investigative Support Unit. Her tenacity and patience in organizing all the data from both the earlier and the more recent research protocols were key elements in the completion of this study.

  • FBI Student Intern Lee Ann Bass worked untiringly on this project for an entire summer. Her diligent efforts and organizational skills are gratefully acknowledged.

  • We also wish to acknowledge the contributions made by Craig Broyles, a graduate assistant at Central Missouri State University. Craig did all of the data encoding for computer analysis and assisted in the analysis of the data for this study. His diligence, painstaking attention to detail, and accuracy significantly contributed to the study. We are grateful for his contributions and assistance.

  • Finally, the authors would like to thank all the cooperating inmates, wards, and patients who agreed to participate in this study. Without their cooperation, individually and collectively, a study of this scope and magnitude would not have been possible.

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