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Arson Unit Technical Assistance

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) announces the beginning of its twelfth annual program of providing direct technical assistance to selected State and local fire investigation agencies. This project is part of USFA's ongoing effort to strengthen and enhance the work of fire investigation units across the country. This comprehensive program is offered to interested fire investigation units at no cost to those jurisdictions selected to participate in the technical assistance project.

Arson is increasingly experienced as a violent crime committed for many different reasons. USFA's technical assistance focuses heavily on improving the working relationships among fire, police, prosecutors and other state and federal agencies by suggesting strategies for closer cooperation. Case prioritization and management, arson data collection and analysis, investigation reports, training, and time-of-day staffing coverage also are key components of the site reviews. USFA provides this assistance to help improve arrest and conviction rates and promote arson prevention by highlighting the positive features of a jurisdiction's arson control operations, recommending options for resolving problem areas, and identifying potential inter-agency and community anti-arson partnerships.

This program already has proven to be a valuable service to almost 90 State and local jurisdictions. Any state, county, or city fire investigation agency interested in participating should meet the following criteria:

Have a sincere interest in ascertaining the strengths and problem areas of their fire investigation and arson control programs and operations;

Investigate an average of 200 fires per year, a significant portion of which are determined to be incendiary;

Be willing to provide the necessary application materials and background information, and cooperate with the designated technical assistance team in scheduling the field work; and Implement as many of the recommendations as feasible.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

USFA-Arson Investigation Technical Assistance Project
Hollis Stambaugh, Project Director
TriData Corporation
1000 Wilson Boulevard, 30th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: (703) 351-8300; Fax: (703) 351-8383
The application deadline is December 31. An application may be downloaded from the USFA web site at

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