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Get Out Safely!
A Teaching Tool in Support of Fire Prevention

Cathleen E. Corbitt
Interactive Designer
interFIRE VR

To support your community education effort has created an interactive module to use with kids and adults to teach key fire prevention and fire safety concepts. The fire safety content in this presentation was prepared using free resources available at For more information on fire prevention and free resources for firefighters, teachers, and families, visit

The module uses the interFIRE VR house fire in a new way. Instead of investigating the fire scene, you are going to walk through the house with your audience, explaining key fire prevention and safety concepts as you go. This printed document is the speaker notes for the presentation. When you click on each hotspot (as explained below), the hotspot is supported with bullet points.

The interFIRE VR "fire safety house" can also be experienced without using the following speaker's notes. Simply click on the hotspots for important fire safety information.


To successfully use this teaching tool, you need to know how to navigate the VR:
When your cursor is “at rest” (no mouse button pressed) over the VR scene, it looks like a target.
On the main screen, place your mouse over the VR scene. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse from side to side and up and down (the cursor will change to a thin arrow). This will turn around the VR scene and tilt it up and down. You will move in the direction the arrow points.
You may zoom in or out for a closer look within the VR scene. To zoom in, use the SHIFT key on your keyboard. To zoom out, use the CTRL key. You may zoom in or out while moving or while stationary.
When you want to examine an object in the VR, let go of the mouse button and slide the mouse around the object. When you see your cursor change to a hand, you can click there for details about that hotspot. The details will appear below the interactive movie.
When you want to move to another location in the VR scene, for example from the kitchen to the dining room, use Step 1 to position the VR facing the way you want to go. Then, release the mouse button. Move your mouse around the picture. When you see your cursor change to a thick arrow, click there to move to that location in the VR scene.
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