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The interFIRE VR CD-ROM provides an interactive virtual reality fire investigation experience. The CD-ROM offers suggested protocol for investigating a fire or arson scene. interFIRE VR has resources for insurers, fire service, law enforcement, administrators, and those who work in other areas of fire investigation.

The interFIRE VR CD-ROM is organized into three sections: the Tutorial, Scenario and Resource sections.

Navigation of the Tutorial requires the user to follow a flow chart that is designed so that the information is presented in a timeline fashion that corresponds to an actual investigation. Click on each designated area to find the relevant information.

In advance of entering the Scenario a user should read the directions. The Scenario utilizes virtual reality, video, graphics, animations and text. You will need several hours to complete the investigation. Most people work over a period of days to complete the investigation. Your work will be saved each time you leave to take a break. When you are ready, you must enter the scene, examine it, interact with your team, interview witnesses and collect evidence, much like an actual investigation. If you don't work, neither will the program. Motivation and discipline are required. Your work will be rewarded.

The resource file is simple to navigate. Click on items that you want further information about. The Search function allows you to enter keywords that are often indexed to more in-depth content. For better search results, use the resource center. All of the information on the CD is available and updates are regularly posted. The online search engine is also more effective.

If you need technical support, click the link below and tell us your problem via email. Let us know the type of computer, speed, RAM, available memory and your specific problem.

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