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Gas Water Heater--How To Booklet #17. Grossman's. Creative Homeowner Press.

Abstract: This pamphlet explains several simple maintenance procedures that can be performed to fix simple problems that may occur in a hot water heater. The article also provides a cleaning procedure that can be performed by the homeowner without calling a professional.

A water heater should always sit level on the floor. Time can cause floors to settle, making them uneven. If this happens, the water heater may tip. The level of the water heater should be checked every four years. If water becomes discolored, built-up sediment may be the cause. Open the valve at the bottom of the heater and drain 2 - 3 gallons of water. This will remove accumulated sediment at the bottom of the tank.

If the water will not heat, check the pilot to make sure it is still lit. To relight the pilot, follow the instructions, which are usually on a metal tag fastened to the front of the water heater. If the water becomes too hot, the thermostat might be the problem. The proper setting for a hot water heater is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If lowering the temperature does not work, the entire thermostat may need to be replaced.

If the smell of gas is present, joints may be leaking. To test for leaks, brush the fittings with soapy water. If bubbles form, the joint is leaking. Try tightening the joints - no more than half a turn should be required. If the joint still leaks, call a professional.

The pamphlet also explains three ways to conserve energy. Water heaters can be insulated to keep the water heated longer. Hot water pipes also have insulation designed for them. Insulation will help cut down on fuel usage. Keeping the temperature set at 140 degrees or lower will also conserve energy. If hot water runs out often, the temperature is not the problem. The household simply requires a larger tank.

For more information, contact:
Creative Homeowner Press
24 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Phone: (201) 934-7100

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