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Sources of Intelligence Checklist

Investigation Number:
Date Case was Intiated:
Field Division/Field Office:
Subject's Name:

The following list is provided to assist the investigator by giving suggestions of sources of intelligence to enhance the investigation.

    NLETS - Driver's License Queries  
    Arson and Explosives National Repository data  
    State Criminal History Queries  
    Local Police Department Criminal History Queries  
    Local Police Department - (field interviews, traffic tickets, accidents, victim reports, etc.)  
    Local Police Intelligence Information  
    Local Fire Marshals  
    Other Federal Agencies Intelligence Databases  
    FINCEN - Financial and Real Estate data  
    Field Intelligence Research Specialist  

Tactical Intelligence

Subscription Services -

  • Lexis/Nexis - News service, assets, Census Information
  • Trans Union - Search for telephone numbers, SSN, addresses, etc.
  • MetroNet - Search for telephone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • D&B - Business Information
  • Prentice Hall - Property, liens, assets
  • CBI - Employer information, address, age


  • Cabinet - Nigerian and Jamaican entry into the U.S.
  • Congang - Gang Database
  • Intelligence Bulletins
  • Telephone tolls/analysis of records
  • DITDS - Access to all Associated Press Information
  • GREAT - System Gang Database
  • Mapinfo - Area Mapping Database
  • NETMAP - Telephone Toll Analysis

RISS - Law Enforcement Network Agencies

    Photographs of suspects, vehicles, and residence  
    Address, phone books, other documents  
    School Officials  
    State Firearms Purchase Records  
    Utility Companies  
    Contractors, repair persons, other service oriented persons  
    Other agencies' investigations related to the case  
    Traces of all Firearms  
    Crisscross directories  
    Undercover agents  
    Confidential Informants  
    State Assistance Agencies - (Welfare, Unemployment, etc.)   
    Insurance Companies  
    Car rental agencies  
    House/building floor plans through builder, Title Company, Mortgage company, local inspector, land plots, U/C.CI, etc.  
    Military background of suspects  
    Neighbor information  
    EPIC-NADDIS, Bureau of Prisons data, aviation/vessel/border data, US Customs intelligence data, etc.   
    Medical information  
    Cellular telephone information  
    Pager information  
    Building permits  
    Normal activities of suspects/visitors  
    Special skills of suspects  
    Intelligence resources as addressed in ATF Arson Investigation Guide  

  U.S. State Department - Visa information  
    Pen Register - with Penlink  
    Trap/Trace Device  
    Title III Electronic Interception  
    NDIC-DOJ National Drug Intelligence Center  
    Wire transfers  
    Mail covers  
    Shipping Companies  
    Tactical Intelligence - Charts/Graphs, Case Management tracking system  
    FAA - Airline passenger information  
    Asset Forfeiture  
    Credit Card Companies  
    NCIC off-line Searches  
    Psychological Profilers - Quantico, VA  
    Aerial photographs, surveillance, etc.  
    Civilian experts - (clergy, cults, military, etc.)  
    Private Special Interest Organizations - (ADL, Klanwatch, etc.)  
    ATF Compliance Inspectors/Auditors - (Arson investigations, FFL inspections)  
    ATF Explosives Technology Branch  

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