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Fire Statistics
Facts about Fire

U.S. Firefighter Deaths Reach Ten-Year Peak

2000 Arson Report

The 1998 U.S. Fire Problem Overview Report

U.S. Experience with Smoke Alarms and Other Fire Alarms

Fire Prevention Education
Learning Fire Prevention from interFIRE VR

Community Based Anti-Arson Program

Vacant Buildings

Double Danger: Abandoned Buildings and Mortgage Crisis Fuel Risk of Jump in Arson-Related Fires

Fire Science
Temperatures in Flames and Fires

Heat release rate: a brief primer

Glass Breakage in Fires

Our Changing World: Part 4 A Matter of Time

Our Changing World: Fires, Fuels, Investigations, and Investigators

The Future of Fire Investigation (PDF Format)

Fire Modeling and Case Studies
NIST- Simulation of the Dynamics of a Fire in a Two-Story Duplex

NFPA Report on Cruise Ship Fire

NIST Fire Dynamics at Cherry Road (PDF Format)

Full-Scale House Fire Experiment for interFIRE VR May 6, 1998

Training Module: Inside the interFIRE VR Burn

Fire modeling: An introduction for attorneys

How to tell if your fire expert is an expert in fire modeling?

NIST Simulator Provides New Picture of LODDs

Learning from experience

Follow That Case:
Career Development
Do You Want To Be A Fire Investigator?: Employment Data, Job Duties, and Training Program Information

How To Become A Fire Investigator

Sorting Out Certification

Licensure Of Fire Investigators and Professional Engineers

Forensic Investigation: Fire, Arson, Explosion Scenes, and Devices

Kick Some Ash: Fire Investigation in Great Britain

Call for papers IAAI Annual Conference

Planning and Preparation: Before the Fire

International Association of Arson Investigators (I.A.A.I.)& Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (A.T.F.) 'A Valuable Partnership

IAAI & ATF "A Valuable Partnership"

Arson Unit Technical Assistance

Bomb Threat Response: Expanding the "Team Approach"

Working Against Arson

How The CPSC Can Help Speed Your Fire Investigation

Before the Fire: A Checklist

Outfitting Your SmartPhone for Fire Investigations

Roll-Up and Preliminary Scene Assessment
Training Module: First Response From An Investigative Perspective

Training Module: EMS Observations Can Help An Investigation. Learn How…

For First Responders Only

The Preliminary Scene Assessment: A Checklist

Fire Scene Examination
NFPA's - White paper on post-fire analysis

A Field Guide to Incident Analysis

Another Weapon for the Arson Investigator

Training Module: Accelerant Detection Canine Units

Flammable and Combustible Liquid Spill/Burn Patterns

Fire Investigations Mythunderstanding #1: Spalling of Concrete

Fire Investigations Mythunderstanding #2: The Area of Greatest Damage and the Lowest Point of Burning is Always the Area of Origin

Burglar Alarm Systems in Arson Investigations

Stormwatch- When to call a Weather investigator

Essential Findings on the Study of Serial Arsonists

Digital cameras and the Fire Investigator

Establishing a Relationship Between Alcohol and Casualties of Fire

Training Module: Evidence Sampling for Ignitable Liquids Testing

Before Releasing the Scene: A Checklist

Electrical System Examination
How do electrical wiring faults lead to structure ignitions?

GFIs and Fire Investigation

Recall Alerts

Fatal Fires
Fatalities at The Fire Scene: Simple Steps for Strong Results

Smoke Detector Technology and the Investigation of Fatal Fires

Explosions at the Fire Scene

How to Be a Good Witness to a Fire

Questioning a Juvenile? Proceed with Caution!

Evidence Examination
Our Changing World: Part 2 Ignitable Liquids: Petroleum Distillates, Petroleum Products, and Other Stuff

Our Changing World: Part 3 Detection Limits: Is More Sensitive Necessarily Better?

What's New at ATF- New fire research laboratory

ATF Begins Groundbreaking On New High-Tech Lab

Follow-Up Investigation
Internet Resources for Arson Investigators

The Follow-Up Investigation: A Checklist

Learning to Narrow Web Results (PDF Format)

Financial Investigation Insurance Investigation
Trial Preparation
Training Module: Preparing For Trial

Demonstrative Aids: A Case Study using InterFIRE VR

Trial Preparation: A Checklist

Wildland Fires
Investigating Wildland Fires Part 1

Investigating Wildland Fires Part 2

Legal Issues
Fire Scene Investigation: The Daubert Challenge

Breaking Legal Developments

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