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TR-066 Ten-Fatality Board and Care Facility Fire, Detroit, Michigan, June 1992

TR-090 Two Fatality Board and Care Facility Fire Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center, Miami, Florida, November 1995


TR-028 Eight Children and Two Adults Die in Rural House Fire, Remer, Minnesota, January 1989

TR-070 Children Left Home Alone: Eleven Die in Two Fires, Detroit, Michigan, January, February 1993

TR-006 College Dormitory Fires in Dover, Delaware and Farmville, Virginia, April 1987

TR-004 Schomberg Plaza Fire, New York City (Harlem), March 1987

TR-022 Interstate Bank Building Fire, Los Angeles, California, May 1988

TR-033 Five-Fatality Highrise Office Building Fire, Atlanta, Georgia, November 1989

TR-071 New York City Bank Building Fire: Compartmentation vs. Sprinklers, New York, January 1993

TR-049 Highrise Office Building Fire, One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 1991

TR-057 Twenty-five Fatality Fire at Chicken Processing Plant, Hamlet, North Carolina, September 1991

TR-086 Live Oak/Milstar Complex and Carpet Service Center, La Grange, Georgia, January 1995

TR-093 Scrap and Shredded Tire Fires

TR-009 Sherwin-Williams Paint Warehouse Fire, Dayton, Ohio, May 1987

TR-106 Sprinklered Records Storage Facility, Chicago, Illinois, October 1996

TR-030 Sprinklers Control Arson Fires in Rack-Storage Warehouse, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, October 1988


TR-026 $10 Million Marina Fire, Bohemia Bay, Maryland, January 1989

TR-101 Broward Marine Fire, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


TR-038 Shenandoah Retirement Home Fire, Roanoke County, Virginia, December 1989

TR-039 Sixteen-Fatality Fire in Highrise Residence for the Elderly, Johnson City, Tennessee, December 1989

TR-040 Success Story at Retirement Home Fire, Sterling, Virginia, December 1989

TR-041 Nine Elderly Fire Victims in Residential Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, April 1990

TR-050 Ten Elderly Fire Victims in Intermediate Care Facility, Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 1991


TR-007 Urban Wildlands Fire, Pebble Beach, California, May 1987

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