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  • Interviews at the Fire Scene
    • General

Alaska Court Reverses Arson Conviction For Questioning Violations

Maryland Court Reverses Arson Conviction for Interrogation Violations

A Field Guide to Incident Analysis

Interviews, Section 7-4.1, 7-4.2, and 7-4.3 from NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations 1998 Edition.

handSuggested Format for Written Witness Statements

handInterviewing Checklist for Accountants and Bookkeepers

handInterviewing Checklist for Owner

handSuggested Investigative Forms (Consent)

Interviews and interrogations: a critical part of the fire investigation. Firehouse. Vol 22 No 9 (September 1997). p 56+.

Kinesic control of the interviewee. National Fire & Arson Report. Vol 7 No 6 (1989), p 8-9+.

Interviewing concepts. National Fire & Arson Report. Vol 12 No 2 (June 1994). p 10-11.

Interviewing concepts: interviewing factors - first contact. National Fire & Arson Report. Vol 13 No 1 (March 1995). p 10-11.

"Interviews with Witnesses," from Kirk's Fire Investigation, by John D. DeHaan. 1997 Ed. Simon & Schuster, p. 145.

Secure Scene and Witnesses

Work the Crowd

Prioritize Witnesses

Approach the Witness

Secure Consent

Document Interview

Conduct Interview and Re-Interview Witnesses

Conduct Owner Interview

Conduct Suspect Interview

Corroborate Information

  • Interviewing for Adjusters
    • General

Courts Say a Recorded Statement is not an Examination Under Oath. National Fire and Arson Report. Vol. 14, No. 1 (March 1996). p 14-15.

"The Role Of the Loss Adjuster In the Prosecution Of a Criminal Arson Case." The Canadian Insurance Claims Managers/ Canadian Independent Insurance Adjusters. February 11, 1993.

"Detecting Deception," SIU Awareness. September, 1997. pp. 6-10.

"Investigative Interviewing for the Adjuster," K. Eaton. January, 1998

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