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Sample Evidence Transmittal Letter

prepared by interFIRE VR

February 7, 1999

Chief, Forensic Laboratory/Laboratory Examiner
Your Lab or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
The City, The State The Zip

Dear Name Here:

On February 4, 1999 at 5 A.M., a fire occurred at 1534 Bluebird Drive in Anytown, IL. At the scene, it was determined that the fire was of incendiary origin

The fire destroyed the upper floor of the two-story single-family home. Three samples of fire debris were recovered from the area of origin, including locations alerted to by the K-9. In addition, a door lock that appeared to have been forced and a potential acclerant container found in a dumpster near the house were recovered. Finally, a footprint was observed in the mud leading away from the home and was cast.

It is requested that the material submitted with this letter be examined according to the list below. Please perform any other examination necessary which will provide informatin pertinent to the investigation.

This investigation has been assigned case number 99-347B and it would be helpful if you would refer to this number in future correspondence.

Items Submitted

Exhibit 1: Fire debris from behind bed. Please analyze for accelerant.

Exhibit 2: Fire debris from top of bed. Canine alerted here. Please analyze for accelerant.

Exhibit 3: Fire debris from front of dresser. Canine alterted here. Please analyze for accelerant.

Exhibit 4: Lock and door jamb from back door. Please analyze for tool, pry, and pick marks. Please analyze for fingerprints.

Exhibit 5: Bleach jug found in dumpster on abutting property behind house. Please analyze for accelerant and fingerprints.

Exhibit 6: Cast of a footprint. Please analyze for shoe type and size. Please compare to Exhibit 7. If possible, please determine manufacturer and distribution.

Exhibit 7: Boots found at the home of a possible suspect. Please compare to Exhibit 6.

Exhibit 8: Plant matter removed from bottom of Exhibit 7. Please identify plant. Plant will be compared to those found in the area of the burned home.

If you need any additional information, please contact me at (123) 456-7890.




Investigator Name
Investigator Title
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