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You may access any of the programs by clicking on the title. You will need both Flash ( and Windows Media ( players to get the full, interactive versions. For users of accessibility software, the links on each page for transcript will allow a reader to receive the content from its original script. The programs are designed to take advantage of today's faster internet connections. For those with slow connectivity, you will need to be patient. While loading takes time, we need to insure that content being designed today maintains its value in the future.

Preparing For Trial
Preparing for trial is a key, and often overlooked, aspect of the fire investigator’s job. For you to successfully present your investigation and conclusions to the jury requires more than just being prepared. This module provides guidance in how to complete important pre-trial tasks and allows you to download numerous aids you can use every day as you discharge your duties.
Inside the interFIRE VR Burn
Go inside the interFIRE Scenario for an unprecedented look at how compartment fires develop. You'll see the fire develop from four angles simultaneously. You'll watch fire dynamics theory come to life as the data tells the story of the fire's development. Did we achieve flashover? Watch and see...
Analyzing Insurance Documentation
This module takes the annotated insurance forms from the interFIRE VR Resource File and makes them interactive, with mouseover callouts. After learning the basics of how to read the forms, the learner will work on a case, view the insurance records from the case, and determine where the red flags are in the insurance files.
Accelerant Detection Canine Units
This interactive training module will assist you in understanding how the Accelerant Detection Canine Unit is trained, and when and how they work a scene.
Teaching Fire Prevention with interFIRE VR
Use virtual reality from the interFIRE VR scene to teach fire prevention in this custom course designed for your presentations.
First Response From An Investigative Perspective
As a first responder, learn how your observations can help an investigation.
Evidence Sampling for Ignitable Liquids Testing
Learn how to sample evidence with this quick reference online training module.

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