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Thomas F. Perret
Special Agent
U.S. Treasury Department
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

State and Local Government/Court records useful in a financial investigation would include, but are not limited to, such records as: Deeds, that would reflect any liens on the property, current and previous ownership history, purchase price, mortgage, and the lender holding the mortgage.

Bankruptcy Court reflects the type of bankruptcy filing, whether it's corporate or personal, restrictions or out of business, schedule of credits and debts.

Civil Court actions or suits of a business or personal nature can be determined.

Workman's Compensation Board reflects claims against a business or brought as the injured party and subsequent ruling. From college(s) or private school(s): the financial application/documents that include tax returns, financial statement, payment plan, loans and aid. Corporate documents at the Secretary of State office indicate corporate officers, associated corporations, if the corporation has filed with the Secretary of State for the year, and stocks and shares distributed by the corporation. Additionally, the local property tax collector reflects the amount of tax and if current. The building department and accessions office maintains records of changes to the property and possible violation. The Board of Health reflects violations and inspection reports. The Department of Environmental Protection reflects any inspection reports for hazardous waste and clean up issues.

A local licensing board maintains records of violations pertaining to alcohol, food, and entertainment licenses. And the local police and fire departments maintain a history of incidents relative to a property or business.

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